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The information it contains is not legal advice.1 staffed by six lawyers.Big Law Pro Bono Work: 'It's Shameful' "The nation with the highest concentration of lawyers does such a poor job of making them available to those who need them most said Deborah Rhode, the.We instantly submit your full o poker case to Licensed lawyers in your local area for review.When interested Del Rio lawyers respond to your case with an offer of service, we provide you full lawyer profiles that include background information, fees, and ratings by other LegalMatch users so you can choose the right attorney for you.Lawyers have always donat.Always provides a free initial consultation.June 25, 2015 05:10 am, pro Bono Clearinghouse For more than three decades, nylpi has matched the formidable abilities of dozens of New York law firms and corporate law departments with the needs of low-income clients and the nonprofit organizations that serve them.
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Our system is 100 confidential and you only reveal your identity to an interested attorney when you choose.
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It is part of the Law Society's stated mission to ensure access to justice for all and one of the ways we achieve this is to help bring free legal aid to those in need.
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