Lotto el gordo online

This makes it a lot more affordable to take part in the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad when you play El Gordo online with Big Fat Lottos.
Finally, the level 5 prize (5th tier) is awarded if 3 numbers on your ticket match 3 the main draw numbers.They email you confirmation of all the entries assigned to your syndicate and after the draw provide you with a full ElGordo results service.We would highly recommend taking a closer look at the ElGordo syndicate system offered by Big Fat Lottos and see this as probably the best way to play the Spanish El Gordo Lottery and to guarantee yourself a win.The same applies to anyone wishing to play ElGordo online in one of the Spanish Lottery syndicates from Big Fat Lottos.Free euromillions Syndicate Place As an added bonus, there is a pretty good offer in place from Big Fat Lottos in conjunction with their El Gordo syndicate places.The odds of correctly guessing five numbers are one.5 million, while that of the reintegro are one in 30 million.There's a nice rule, implemented by the Spanish Government 70 of all income from the lottery tickets must be added to the Jackpot prize pool.
In multiple Syndicates ) Interesting El Gordo Facts Just to illustrate how huge the ElGordo Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad is, canal de telegram apuestas deportivas here are some figures which help to explain.There's never been a problem with a customer getting his winnings or anything along the lines. .If you managed to correctly match at least two main balls, you will get a fixed prize of 3 and.50 refund for the reintegro number.This attracts players worldwide who are permanently following the news and latest jackpot size.Find the requirements of each winning combination below.Once Big Fat Lottos have sold out of their allocation of ElGordo entries they will be unable to acquire any more tickets from the Spanish National Lottery which means that the e Lottery syndicate places will only be available for a limited period tirage keno en directe of time.You can be able to pick your numbers in both games, which is unlike the La Primitiva wherein the Reintegro is automatically assigned to you randomly.With a partial ticket the player wins "only" 10 of the prize awarded to the ticket number.The casino de hospitalet ElGordo is drawn in the manner of a sweepstake lottery which is different from most lotteries and each ticket has a 5 digit number printed.Every year at Christmas, El Gordo is held in Spain by, loterias y Apuestas del Estado and the Spanish National Lottery the.The top prize (Jackpot) will be awarded if the numbers on your ticket match all 6 balls in the draw.