Clash of clans league bonus loot

Spell: Earth Shield Type: Earth Restricted to: Wisdom como jugar texas holdem poker set and Physical Heroes terraza del casino dress code Description: Increases Physical Defense by i will follow bingo players 5 for 16 seconds in an aoe, can hit up to 5 targets.
So, think no more and use this base for a perfect win!Spell: Forest Guardian Type: Water Restricted to: Wisdom and Physical Heroes Description: Boosts the Luck of your troops by 14 and magic-type troops receive an attack bonus of 4 for the duration of 10 seconds.TH11 trophy base/ legend league/ replays This hardcore masterpiece is one the strongest and smartest TH11 Trophy base that you can ever have.Increase your villages strength by building a planned base with amazing defense.When Player 5 sends his attack click alliance and under Alliance Battles you will be able to see the attack, lets say your time to the target is 4 minutes.Check the beginners guide to attacking, theres a section about troop enhancement.
Spell: Revive Type: Earth Restricted to: Wisdom and Physical Heroes Description: Makes the weakest ally unit continuously recover 256 plus 31 health points for every point of Strength.Clash of Clans TH 11 is one of the most important levels.Spend your resources, never hold too many because you will be a potential target for the bigger players.Clash Of Clans TH11 farming base loot protection base This amazing TH11 Farming base is the full proof protection of your resources and the best way to gain a lot of loot from the enemy.Overall, this base is great if you are pushing through a league, especially the Titans League.Also Read: Latest, cOC Private Server, dont Miss: Best Builder 6 Bases.Spell: Heal Type: Light Restricted to: Wisdom and Physical Heroes Description: Heals your weakest unit, base heal is 915 plus 125 for every point of Wisdom.Hero: Joan Race: Human Type: Strength Default Spells: Good Training Giant Hit Heavenly Armor Victory Horn Group Cleanse Bless Burning Heart Special Ability: Saint Banner: Morale increased by 10 Magistrate Bonus: All Resource Capacity 15 Hero: Lionheart Race: Human Type: Strength Default Spells: Heavenly Armor.Here are some examples: These pitfalls are around the upper side of the base where the attacker will send in the Hog Rider after having pulled the Clan Castle troops, thats a fact.With the best strategies and effective trap placements, this TH11 war base is one of the strongest base.Spell: Supreme Armor Type: Light Restricted to: Physical Heroes Description: Grants a temporary shield to all of your troops, absorbs 1884 damage plus 104 for every point of Strenght.This is usually a pretty risky tactic as you can easily get your army killed if your opponent is in an active Alliance or knows how to play.

Spell: Plague Type: Dark Restricted to: Wisdom and Physical Heroes Description: Targets the lowest tier enemy unit, reducing its Defense by 2 and stealing the Heros Luck by 3 for the duration of 6 seconds.