Casino constanta urbex

I saw some pictures of Constanta Casino (Cazinoul din Constanta) two years ago for the tragamonedas lucky first time, he said. .
Roof of the bar.Jakub Kynl 13/13, despite the state of the building, the area around Constanta Casino is popular with locals in carlos casin good weather.The architect who built it, Petre Antonescu, based his design off contemporary casinos of the time on the French Riviera.It has been closed ever since.The Art Nouveau building, with stunning 18th century Baroque accents, designed by Daniel Renard and Petre Antonescu, was first opened to the public in 1910, commissioned by the Romanian King Carol.Hell, their rip off of the Arc de Triomphe is 10m taller than the one in Paris for the express reason of being bigger I think theyre compensating for somethinglack of food, maybe?The casino is a 24/7 well guarded place and entering is nearly impossible without legal permission. .
I would love to get lost in there for half a day.Her father, the story goes, decided to built the Casino for young people to share moments that his daughter couldnt.Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, dprk.So far, no new inestors showed their interest in the casino.It was built as the House of State Industry for the Ukrainian SSR (when Kharkhiv was the capital comprar maquina tragaperra reach of Soviet Ukraine) between 19, and is most famous for its series of interconnected skybridges connecting the skyscrapers of varying heights.IPhone shot setup, after setting one of the first steps inside a pigeon fell from the railing, dead.Ballroom the other side.This allows me to also share some of the history and facts of the city its located in, which is rather interesting.Jakub Kynl 5/13, the hotel was bombed during the First World War but reopened as a casino when hostilities ended.Like hardcore, Slavic metal of indeterminate origin.The casino used to be the eye catcher (of the port) of the city, which is the largest port of the Black Sea coast and also one of the largest ports of Europe.No doubt heavy thoughts would accompany the visit, as well as thoughts of ones own safety while traipsing through 1920s constructed high rise apartments that have clearly seen better days.Even though its guarded, the indecisive attitude of authorities causes the casino to fall in disrepair.While its nominally owned by the municipality and technically closed to the public, Romanian authorities have never shown much interest in enforcing the closure.The latest investor who leased the building in 2007 canceled the concession contract. .

The amount of pigeon and cat feces was insanely high.
 Ive already built quite a list of places Im keen on tresspassing here are the five that are currently top of mind.